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I'm Holly, I'm very opinionated and I believe that you should live life a free life. Enjoy your youth, you'll never be younger then what you are now. Dont belittle yourself, prove yourself..

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Friday, 7 October 2011
Lypsyl posted at 17:15

SO, haven't blogged in a few days but whaaaatever! Went to Metros on Wednesday with Beth and Cassie, what a night I must say! I must add Beth's bed is mighty comfy! I then suffered with immense hangover :( and recovered for the day, and then today was simple housewifey chores! Mum came home from work and took me to the pub for a steak and shandy!
Just happy at the moment, with myself, things are progressing and I'm loving it :) just need to progress that little it further, get a new job and learn to drive and other things ^___^
anyway short one tonight, nothing else to say!

Sunday, 2 October 2011
i don't need this shit you stupid sadistic abusive fucking whore! posted at 14:34

wow!!! brillaint weekend loved every bit of it! Met up with my two best friends Lloyd Best and Beth Samuel :D was awesome!! Went to the castle with a few other friends and drank all my worries away, in the sunshine, it was lovely and hot and we sang all day! Then i walked back to Lloyds and picked up a lamb doner kebab, nothing has ever tasted so delicious in my life!! Then watched Bridesmaids (funniest thing ever) and played Left4Dead2  :)  happy holly is happy!! Today was a... recovery day though, catched the bus home whilst an old man took out my earphones to talk to me on the bus, how rude!
Had a nice sunday roast to get rid of the hangover, and lounged around all day pretty much doing nothing. Also, Had a status that has 34 (and counting) likes, my ego has never felt bigger! :)
nothing much else to say, but i'll leave you with this disturbing picture of me and a lovely black fellow :)

Thursday, 29 September 2011
red wine, cheap perfume and a filthy pout posted at 11:20

So, today was a little bit bland, don't really know what to blog about to be honest, just the fact that I cleaned the house from top to bottom and did lots of job hunting so, productive day it seems. I need a new bed, and I have 1 pair of pj's now so I need to go bed and pj shopping so I can have more comfortable sleeps! Also need a new dog bed for my room, tired of the dog's hogging my own bed.
Anyway, don't really know what to do with myself these days, not being in college or uni and I haven't got a job, just a bit unfortunate I guess!
I am looking forward to Friday as I'm meeting my old friend Cookie in town and then Beth is coming over and we're gona treat our hair with hair masks and other nutritional stuffs :) wwwopwooop
anyway, I always caught a huge spider, like it was colossal and just about fitted into the glass! IT WAS FOLLOWING ME AND TRIED ATTACKING ME, I don't like spiders :( why they so scary? hahahah my mum screamed downstairs so I rushed to the rescue hahaha.
Anyway haters, nothing else to blab on about, except that my septum HURTS SO MUCH!!! :(
Leaving you with this delightful picture of a spider and her babies :)

Wednesday, 28 September 2011
Septummm. posted at 11:16

So, got a new piercing today, It was the most painful piercing I have ever had and I've had quite a few! I
got it done in Blue Banana in Cardiff, I knew the guy who was piercing me so it was kind of a bantering session until it came to the actual piercing. It stung like a b**** and I have never endured such weird pain! My eyes automatically started to cry, not cry, actually pour with tears. I walked out and everyone kind looked at me as if I had been tortured as, the septum piercing itself is a small bar in my nose and you can't see it atm, so they thought I must have had my nips or genitals pierced or something O__o  but yeh, just gotta wait for it to heal now. Had a great day in town, spent the morning job hunting at the cardiff hall where there was a job fayre, bumped into a few friends, then went off for some yummy food and met up with another friend, and bumped into so many people I hadn't seen in ages ^__^ 
All in all, happy holly is happy :)

**edit** also, a dear friend of mine did a cover of my favourite song for me today, link can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M6GBk5WfrJY

Tuesday, 27 September 2011
People and their incapabilities. posted at 12:18

So, welcome to my new blog. This is a place where I can unload my thoughts into my little piece of the internet. Tonights topic is, social networking sites, and how much they annoy me to crap. The only thing networking sites such as facebook do is cause trouble, and bitching between people and drama. Some people love it, and sometimes I do enjoy a good bitch now and again but recently it seems that all Facebook is about is arguements, and stupid comments, everywhere I look left right and centre there's people just voicing their opinions that no one gives a crap about anyway, and people retaliate in such a disgusting manner that it then causes a second retaliation thus creating a bitchy fight.
I've considered deactivating my account many times, I've done it for a few months before but then you miss what's happening in the world, as weird as that sounds. I know me moaning about people bitching isn't going to solve it, but I have nothing else of any value to speak about anyway. ALSO there is a difference between purposely trollin' and plain bitching. Trollin' is fun, if you understand the way of the internet it's fun which is what I kind of like doing myself, but I really am sick to death of arguing with people over uneccessary things.
All in all facebook isn't a social networking site, I see it as a social bitchingworking fight for people both male and female to congregate and cause mayhem!